ways to engage facebook fansSo, you have your company Facebook fan page created. Congrats! You’ve added a profile picture, filled out the company history and contact information and you are ready to post to your Wall. Oh. Wait. “What on earth do I post on my fan page?!? What do my fans want to know?”

iDesigns came across this great article from oneforty.com offering up 25 great tips on engaging your fans and improving your Facebook standing. Here are some of our favorite ones:

Posting statuses on the Wall

  1. Reply to fans’ comments and “likes” on your statuses. The more engagement, the more likely your post will make it to your fans’ newsfeeds.
  2. Ask fans what they would like to see in your next blog post, webinar, advertisement, event, etc.
  3. Ask a hypothetical question. (Example: “Would you rather ____?” “If you could _____”)
  4. Share links to your blog posts on your timeline, and use the status area to pull out one key fact, statistic, or tip from the post as “teaser.”
  5. Share a link to your weekly or monthly newsletter.
  6. Share information about your company: news coverage, job openings, promotions and milestones. Use numbers—they stand out.


  1. Post a mystery photo. In the comments, ask people to guess the mystery person, the secret object or the location.
  2. Host a caption contest. Get people to write the best caption for your photo.
  3. Share pictures from a local meetup, event or conference.
  4. Post pictures of your product. Use the captions for descriptions.
  5. Use the top photo strip of your Facebook page in a creative way. Spell out a word for a particular campaign, make a cartoon by connecting the images, or show unique headshots of employees.

Have a tip of your own? Share it in the comments section! We’d love to know what you do to engage your Facebook fans.

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