Psychic Website DesignOne of the best compliments we can hear from a client is that people tell them their website is warm and inviting. That’s when we know the website content, design and layout have come together in a way that makes the user’s experience positive – which means they will keep coming back to your site!

Our newest WordPress theme customization was for Natalie with Divine Angelic Guidance, who received those exact praises on her new site. WordPress themes are perfect for individuals and businesses just starting out and looking to begin their web presence because we customize our WordPress themes to fit your current needs like a blog and social media, but the website can grow as you expand your products and services.

A great feature to Natalie’s theme – she picked the Glow theme – is the ability to change the background and navigation colors to fit the season (or her mood!). By logging into the dashboard of her site, Natalie can easily change colors, add new blog posts, respond to comments and edit her web pages.

If you are considering a website for your new business, we’d love to talk to you about everything iDesigns has to offer. Even if you are looking for a website redesign, this is an affordable way to get a new look and an easy-to-use content management system that will be easy to build upon in the future.

Amy Findley

Author Amy Findley

As the iDesigns Solutions LLC project manager, Amy is our clients’ point of contact throughout the design and development process. She knows every project inside & out. Amy comes from a Fortune 1,000 company where she worked in the Public Affairs Department supporting community relations and corporate communications for an employee base of 18,000+. She enjoys researching and blogging about trends in search engine optimization and social media and sharing her findings with our clients.

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