As the name suggests, Graveyard Entertainment offers the best in spine-chilling haunted events, especially at Chambers of Fear, their haunted house in Surprise, Arizona.

Voted No. 1 Haunt in 2010, Chambers of Fear needed a website that showcased the horrors and screams their customers experience every Halloween Season.

When we first met with Paul Boyd, owner of Graveyard Entertainment, Arizona’s premier haunted house company, the main thing he told us was to be creative and use our imagination. Since Michael grew up watching Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees and Michael Meyers movies, this was right up his alley!

For the Flash header website design, we wanted to play off the chambers name. We developed a storyboard with the Chambers of Fear crypt keeper being a dungeon master who uses medieval torture devices on innocent souls. To complete the look, we added  flames, old chains, snakes, hands and arms showing through the dungeon cells and a girl in the back with blood dripping from her half corpse.

Once the website design was approved, it was time to animate the dungeon scene with Flash. The end result is a creepy, horrifying dungeon scene not suitable for customers with delicate stomachs.

Unlike his site last year, the new Chambers of Fear site is easy to navigate, plays Scare Cam videos directly in the site from their YouTube channel and also shows the haunt’s sponsors with rotating banners on every page.  We finished the website with custom social media icons – poor Twitter bird! – and a customized events calendar.

The new Chambers of Fear website is a custom WordPress website with a Flash header that we are thrilled to add to the iDesigns’ portfolio.

Disclaimer: Due to the gory and graphic nature of the new Chambers of Fear, it is highly recommended to have a barf bag and second set of underwear nearby. We warned you..


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