Check out the Fall iNews newsletter: Sharks, Pandas and Pigeons – Oh My!

Topics this month include:

  •  iDesigns’ Client Gets Investment on Shark Tank!
  • Google’s Panda Isn’t So Cuddly to Some Sites
  • How Does Google’s New Pigeon Update Affect Your Site?
  • Twitter #Hashtag Could Get You Ranked in Bing
  • Update Your All In One SEO Plugin
Amy Findley

Author Amy Findley

As the iDesigns Solutions LLC project manager, Amy is our clients’ point of contact throughout the design and development process. She knows every project inside & out. Amy comes from a Fortune 1,000 company where she worked in the Public Affairs Department supporting community relations and corporate communications for an employee base of 18,000+. She enjoys researching and blogging about trends in search engine optimization and social media and sharing her findings with our clients.

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