Whether you love your current website design or are planning a redesign in the near future, it’s important for your website’s homepage to answer a few key questions for your site visitors. You only have a few seconds to convince a site visitor that your company has the information, product or service they were looking for. Does your WordPress website answer these questions?

Who are you?

Your business name and/or logo should be in a highly visible place on your site (most likely the header of your WordPress site) and it should be in the same place as visitors click through pages on your site.

What do you do?

Along with your branded logo and business name, visitors should be able to distinguish what your business does by glancing at your site. Whether you choose to simply state what you do in a subtitle (see the four short services paragraphs on our homepage with read more links) or portray it through design and imaging (such as a rotating slider with custom banners), visitors shouldn’t be left questioning what exactly it is your business does after viewing your site for a few short seconds.

Why are you good at it?

Next, visitors to your WordPress site should be able to easily see why you’re good at what you do. This plays into the credibility of your site as well as your brand in general.

  • Do you have an impressive portfolio?
  • Have you received prestigious awards?
  • Do you have outstanding testimonials from previous customers?

Whatever it is that proves why your visitor should choose your business over your competitor should be easily visible on your site.

Where are you?

If a visitor is convinced by your credibility, they then most likely want to know if your business, product or service is easily accessible. If you are a local business, make sure your contact info is clearly visible on the homepage and accessible on your site subpages (we have ours in the header). If visitors can access your product or service online, make sure they can distinguish that immediately.

Also include links to your social media profiles in a visible place on the site. We’ve converted facebook leads into sales, so don’t miss out on this opportunity.

What do I need to do next?

A strong call to action is a key factor for any successful site. After all, without a strong call to action, how can you get your visitors to engage in your business? A strong call to action should be visible on more than just one area of your home page.

Is your WordPress website missing any of these features? iDesigns Solutions can help you improve your WordPress site design and messaging to ensure its converting as many visitors as possible into new leads and customers.

Article source: Epic Marketing – 5 Questions Your Site Should Answer in 5 Seconds

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