Your company website is up. The design looks great. The content is professional and engaging. Everything is working like it should … but, is anyone visiting your site other than your family and friends?!

If only there was a website tracking program that would let you know how many hits you get every day, how users find your site, what pages they visit, how long they stay on your site….and it was cheap. The great news – there IS such a program. At iDesigns, we recommend our clients signup with a Google Analytics account (yup, it’s free!). By inserting a simple tracking code into your site, this nifty website tracking program provides you with a ton of useful information about:

  • how users find your site – organic search results, referral from another site or a direct search
  • where in the world – literally! – the user is located
  • what keywords the user types into a search that your site comes up
  • what pages users visit the most and how long they stay on those pages
  • what pages people enter your site on (the blog, services, homepage, etc.)
  • what pages people leave your site from

Besides knowing how many hits your website gets, you may wonder why it’s important to have this detailed information at your fingertips?

By knowing what keywords people search for that your site comes up helps you to better tailor your content and search engine optimization efforts to really home in on your target audience. If you get a lot of hits from Texas, for example, then you can tweak your marketing efforts (print and web) to reach those customers even more. You can even get your analytics report emailed to you daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Amy Findley

Author Amy Findley

As the iDesigns Solutions LLC project manager, Amy is our clients’ point of contact throughout the design and development process. She knows every project inside & out. Amy comes from a Fortune 1,000 company where she worked in the Public Affairs Department supporting community relations and corporate communications for an employee base of 18,000+. She enjoys researching and blogging about trends in search engine optimization and social media and sharing her findings with our clients.

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