Are your Facebook posts worth reading?

It seems that everybody is on Facebook these days (Hi Granny Shirley!); which means so is your next client! With more than 500 million active users and 700 posts per second, having a Facebook fan page for your business – separate from your personal page – should play a role in your marketing plan.

Here are 5 tips to keep your Facebook posts fresh and engaging:

1. Post often. When I visit a business’ Facebook fan page, the first thing I look at is the date of their last post. If it’s recent, I know they keep content up-to-date and I’m more likely to become a fan because I know there will be social interaction. On that same note, share a variety of content (internal and external) on your fan page such as links to blogs, articles, videos, photos, etc. And, be sure to interact with questions, address concerns and comment on others’ content. It’s okay to add non-business-related content as a way to connect with people – we want to know we are talking to a real-life person.

2. Post photos. Other than Zack Morris, everyone’s cell phone takes photos these days, and most of them allow you to email or even download them directly to Facebook. Take full advantage of this technology! Have new products? Visiting with a client? Going on a trip? Photos add a visual enhancement when combined with text-based updates. You can also change the preference on your fan page to allow customers to post photos, too.

3. Post videos. Same as photos above, many phones and cameras take video, too. Flip cameras are easy to use and relatively inexpensive. If you don’t have videos of your own, you can always link to news videos from the web or YouTube and share the link on your fan page.

4. Customize your fan page. Several of our clients requested that their Facebook fan page match the look of their website. iDesigns can create a custom fan page following Facebook’s guidelines.

5. It pays to be my fan.
Many businesses have found success in offering Facebook-exclusive contests and discounts to those who become fans of their page. Besides helping you track leads, it’s a feel-good for your fans.

Amy Findley

Author Amy Findley

As the iDesigns Solutions LLC project manager, Amy is our clients’ point of contact throughout the design and development process. She knows every project inside & out. Amy comes from a Fortune 1,000 company where she worked in the Public Affairs Department supporting community relations and corporate communications for an employee base of 18,000+. She enjoys researching and blogging about trends in search engine optimization and social media and sharing her findings with our clients.

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